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rooster toy
rooster toy2 rooster toy3
Beefy prepares to begin...
...with the feets!
rooster toy4 rooster toy5
Beak biting.
What's up? Chicken Butt!
rooster toy6
rooster toy7
I could use some water.
Emrys bites each body part looking for the squeaker.
Beek? Nope.
rooster toy8
rooster toy9
Foot? Nope.
This foot? Nope.
rooster toy10
rooster toy11
Comb? Nope.
Belly?! Yes!
rooster toy12
rooster toy13
I gotta get my squeaker before Emrys steals it!
Side-by-side destuffination!
rooster toy14 rooster toy15
So satisfying.
What? Is there something on my face?
rooster toy16 rooster toy17
Did you say something, Rooster?
I thought so.
sleeping on stuffing nap in the toy stuffing
Better than a down bed.